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We deliver warm leads and appointments with qualified investors to financial advisors on a performance basis.

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2,500 advisors and counting...

Case Studies

Forrest Tuten from Brittany Wealth went from generating 2 qualified leads a month to 10 leads a month.

“The results speak for themselves. This is one of the best solutions out there.”

Jason Hilliard from Forecast Capital went from 3 leads a month to 15 high-quality leads a month using content and the quizzes.

“Thanks, Henry. Your product has helped me generate meaningful business. I am happy to be a case study.”

Ben Fox from Scarecrow Trading went from 1-2 leads per month to 10 leads a month without spending any extra time.

“It took a little time to figure out, but once I did, I saw how powerful this was. Thanks.”

Boost your website conversion rate by up to 1000%

3% 30%

Increase your organic traffic

+30% +30%

Increase your leads

3 Jan Mar Sep Jan Mar Sep Jan 20

Close more accounts

“Before I started using CoPilot Prospect, I was bringing on 3 new accounts a year. After implementing this tool, I’m bringing on 12 new accounts a year”
Richard Eddy, Cona Financial

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Artificial Intelligence LinkedIn Direct Prospecting - This will line up leads and appointments for you.

Captivating lead quizzes - This will engage and qualify your current leads.

Your Website Before

Your Website After

Comprehensive Quiz Templates

  • Financial Preparedness Quiz: Use this quiz to gauge the needs of your prospects and isolate problems
  • Investor Type Quiz: Use this quiz to determine investor type and propose solutions that match their personalities
  • Impossible Investor Quiz: Use this quiz to generate excitement and optimize lead capture rate
  • Risk Assessment Quiz: Use this quiz to determine risk levels your prospects are comfortable with
  • Most popular - The Financial Health Calculator: Use this calculator to generate insights in seconds for your visitors.

Overlay Your Quiz On All Your Content To Maximize Leads - This will turn your content traffic into leads.

Your Articles Before

Your Articles After

Customizable Branding and Messaging

Setup in 2 Minutes With One Piece of Code

Bonus: Only 200 slots per month available!

Complimentary Training Call Worth $500.

-One-On-One Help

-Unlimited Support

-Strategy Session

If you just got one new client a year, how much would this be worth to you?

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Watch an investor go through the quiz in real time

$799/mo + $500 Setup

$199.00/mo - $599/mo

  • Guaranteed 5-20 warm leads and appointments per month
  • Unlimited Quiz Overlays on Content and Quizzes
  • Custom Branding
  • Training Call (worth $500)
  • No Contract
  • No Cancellation Charges
  • In-Depth Support
  • 30-Day-Trial

30-Day-Money-Back Guarantee (60 days risk free with trial)
No strings attached.

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Best case scenario: you bring on new high-net-worth clients.

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Questions and Concerns

  • Is this tool compliant?

    Yes, we haven’t had any compliance departments reject this tool yet. None of the communication within the quizzes violates the compliance SEC and FINRA compliance guidelines.

  • Who are you guys anyway?

    We are a group of ex-advisors who worked at Next Financial, RBC Capital Markets, VT International and Predictable Revenue. We are dedicated to helping our fellow advisors be successful.

  • How do I generate traffic to my website?

    You just need to share content on your social media profiles. You can use your own content, 3rd party content, or your firm’s content. Use the Link Sharing Tool to overlay your quizzes on all of your content to drive leads and engagement.

  • What if my website needs to be redone?

    This marketing strategy will work even if your website is not perfect. Start with a strong call to action like a quiz and work your way up to building a great website.

  • I want to wait to implement a solution like this...

    If you wait, you will be leaving a lot of opportunity on the table. Every day you don’t have a clear call to action and lead capturing mechanism, you are losing business and leads. This is a high-quality problem to solve. You shouldn’t wait to solve it.

  • Will high-net-worth people take the quiz?

    Yes! These high-net-worth investors were more than likely the kids in school who were good at taking tests and enjoyed proving how smart they were. They also want to see what types of questions you ask so they can evaluate your knowledge.

  • Are investors really on LinkedIn?

    Yes. If there is any social network a high-net-worth person is using, it’s LinkedIn. They are creeping on competitors, learning about new opportunities and “keeping their finger on the pulse”.

  • Do cold outreaches actually work?

    Yes. The trick is you just need to give context and provide value in the first interaction… Just like any cold outreach, the value you give is extremely important.

  • What does my LinkedIn Profile need to communicate?

    You just need to have a clean, informative profile that links to your website. The profile will intrigue the investor enough for them to go visit your website.

  • What exactly do I get when I sign up?

    1. You get the automated prospecting LinkedIn Service
    2. You get the CoPilot Link Sharing Tool and Quizzes to capture and engage your leads
    3. You get a Training Call (Only 200 slots per month available)

  • Is it hard to set up?

    No, it’s very easy. All you need to do is copy and paste a single line of code onto your website. It will only take you or your website person 2 minutes, max to set up.

  • Will this integrate into your other CRMs or software?

    Yes, of course. You don’t have to worry. It easily integrates into the most common tools you are already using.

  • Can I change the colors and messaging?

    Yes, all the quizzes are completely customizable. Just change the colors or messaging to fit with your brand.

  • How much does it cost to use?

    Instead of charging $20k for a custom solution, we decided to price it at just $149/mo - to make it available to more advisors.

  • How many new clients will I get from this?

    If you just got 1 client a year, this tool will pay for itself 10X over. However, many users are getting more than 1 client per year from this tool. Your results will be unique to you. If you have a great offer, you should see great results.

  • Can I try it for free?

    Yes. We are offering a 30-Day-Free-Trial. During this trial, you get full access to the product and you get full access to our team.

  • How long are you offering it at this price?

    Prices are scheduled to increase by 50% February 2018.

  • How should you present this to a friend or partner?

    Use the trial and bring them results first. Lead with proof and save everyone’s time.

  • If it's so good why don't you use the strategy to build your advisory practice?

    We could use this tool to build a rock solid advisory business, however, we compared that option to building a fast-growing SaaS business and found that the SaaS model yielded a higher return for our investors.

  • What if I want to cancel during my trial? Will I be charged?

    No, you will not be charged if you cancel within 30 days.

  • Do quizzes actually work?

    Yes, they do. Just take a look at the Investor’s Group and Financial Engine homepage - they are using quizzes to drive leads.

    According to many industry experts and Jonah Berger, associate professor of marketing at the University of Pennsylvania and author of Contagious, the best way to engage and convert traffic is with a quiz.

    Jonah writes, "People love knowing and talking about themselves. It’s social currency. And these quizzes are a great opportunity for people to compare themselves with others."

  • What if I’m not technical?

    Don’t worry, we built the product so everyone can use it. You don’t need to be technical to experience results. You can set it up in two minutes by simply copying and pasting one line of code on your website.

  • What if I don’t have any content?

    You can find content on any 3rd party site. You can also use services to licence content. You can always create your own too!

  • What if I don’t have budget for a tool like this?

    This is a business development tool. Once you use it, you will generate leads. You should invest in a tool like this before anything else...Sales cures all. This will drive sales.

  • What’s a lead magnet?

    Think of it like a bait and treat - Investors will exchange their information for some sort of value. With Brittney Wealth, the bait was the quiz and the treat was the quiz results…

  • Does content really work to generate leads?

    Yes. You just need to find great content, then let your strong call to action in the corner do the selling for you.

  • Is content marketing compliant?

    In most cases, you are okay. Just use your compliance flow to check if your articles pass.

  • How often should you post content?

    You should post at least once a week. However, if you are pumping out really high-quality content, then you should post multiple times a week. Just keep it high-quality.

  • What are the take-home benefits of using CoPilot Prospect?

    Capture more high-quality leads
    Close more accounts - since you are able to engage leads better
    Spend less time prospecting
    Spend more time doing your job
    Look more credible and trustworthy
    Get a better return on your marketing dollars

  • Will this really work for me?

    Yes, this is just a digital marketing tool. It might sound a little foreign right now, but it works. Just trust the process and get the results.
    In short, this will work for you if you are:
    1. Just starting out and are looking for ways to attract your core base of customers, or
    2. Looking for ways to accelerate growth

  • What is The Link Sharing Tool and is it hard to use?

    You can use this tool to overlay your quiz on other people’s content. No, it’s extremely easy. All you have to do is copy and paste one link.

  • What’s included in the training call?

    During this call, we will help you get set up and show you the best practices.

  • How much did this cost to build?

    We spent $1.5M building and testing this suite over a period of 3 years. If you wanted to hire us to build you a custom solution, we would charge you a minimum of $20k…

  • What happens if it doesn’t work for me?

    We offer a 30-Day-Money-Back- Guarantee after your trial - just incase you sign up and don’t implement right away, or you are not experiencing positive results within 60 days.

  • What are the next steps?

    Sign up using the link, then create your account. From there, you will schedule a training call with one of our team members. You just need to copy and paste the single line of code on your website.

  • Are there any long term contracts?

    No, everything is month-to-month. You can cancel anytime before your trial ends and you will not be billed.

  • How do I generate traffic to my website?

    You just need to share content on your social media profiles. You can use your own content, 3rd party content, or your firm’s content. Use the Link Sharing Tool to overlay your quizzes on all of your content to drive leads and engagement.

  • What happens if I wait?

    Everyday you don’t have a clear call to action and lead capturing mechanism, you are losing business and leads. Also, if you wait, you won’t get the complimentary training call worth $500.

The Team

Jean-Marc Bougie

Chairman CEO of Hillcore, $4.3B PE firm. Ex‑Managing Director at RBC Capital Markets.

Henry Bee

CEO, Co-founder Ex-Broadrige and quantitative finance firm CSS Analytics, spent 10 years building advisor tech.

Jesse Chen

CTO, Co-founder Ex-EA, Thomson Reuters, NGRAIN. Shipped 12 titles at EA and worked on FIFA.

David Lee

Senior Engineer 10 years at Electronic Arts working on FIFA.

Nick Kozmin

Internet Marketing Expert -, AdvisorStream, Kinobody.

Peter Smyrniotis

Strategic Advisor. CEO, Blockchain Assembly. Director, Victory Square Technologies.

Desmond Poon


Nigel Nguyen

PM & VP Customer Success MSc. Finance. Managed part of SFU’s endowment fund.

Roland Chow


vince Chu

Lead Designer Ex-PM and Lead designer at Predictable Revenue, the company responsible for the growth of Salesforce