Features & Benefits

Risk Assessment

The world’s first comprehensive risk assessment. Incorporates risk tolerance, risk need, risk perception, and more. Rigorous. Psychometrically validated. While being concise and easy-to-understand.

Assessments are used to show prospects and clients how their portfolios won’t achieve their goals, and propose a better plan to get them back on track.

Risk Profile Report
Risk profile report shows if the client’s risk profile and portfolio risk is aligned, plus a chronological timeline of their risk assessment history, and they can sign off on it.
Assessment Dashboard
Risk Assessment Dashboard allows advisors to perform client risk-related tasks such as sending assessment (email), completing assessment (in person), view and email reports, and export audit trail with clients’ risk profile changes.
Zapier Integration
Integration with Zapier (Redtail, Junxure, Wealthbox, Salesforce) enables advisors to see clients’ risk profiles from their CRMs.

Portfolio Modeling

Build intelligent models for any market condition and apply to hundreds of client accounts at once for rebalancing.

Put together mutual funds, ETFs, stocks (other asset classes coming soon) and let COPILOT guide allocation decisions with dynamic algorithms.

Gain insights into models using hedge fund level analytics and extensive back-testing abilities.

Manage correlation, improve diversification, gain better returns, dampen volatility, and outperform the market.

Client Portal

The perfect place for clients to see how their investments are doing. Clients can:

  • Evaluate their portfolios
  • Take risk assessments
  • Print investment reports
  • Book meetings
  • Connect held-away assets

Advisors have even more opportunities to grow their books, and stay relevant with millennials. The portal creates more touchpoints for advisors, without more time requirements.

Automated Reporting

Translate thousands of data points into gorgeous, easily digestible reports with a click of a button.

Show clients how their portfolios are doing in the market through detailed analyses and comprehensive insights into any level: Position, Account, Client, or Household.

Smart scheduling: COPILOT can automatically create and send reports to clients at any time, saving advisors up to 40 hours/month and increasing touchpoints with clients.

 Custodian Integration

COPILOT connects advisors to 20,000+ financial institutions including custodial accounts, held- away client accounts, self-directed brokerage, 529 plans, annuities, and insurance. No client’s account is out of reach.

Advisors need not waste time tracking down and manually entering investments. COPILOT pulls in data automatically and generates reports

TAMP 2.0 / Model Marketplace

Provides access to COPILOT users with premium investment products and model strategies to achieve superior investment outcomes for clients.

Enables advisors to spend more time on financial planning and client-facing aspects, rather than the investment management process.

Investment strategies & products can be produced in- house, or sourced from investment managers.

Most TAMPs charge 10 bps for all managed assets. COPILOT will charge 3-5 bps.

Stock Ranking

Active management made easy, and cheap. Advisors can keep all the profits by not paying their precious basis points to third-party managers.

Build alpha-generating models by selecting the desired investment universe and predictive factors (fundamentals, value, momentum, volatility…and more).

Show clients stocks, and not just a bunch of ETFs and funds, in a truly unique portfolio – a tremendous value-add

Tax Loss Harvesting

Volatility-aware tax optimization intelligently puts the most volatile stocks into tax efficient accounts, and vice versa.

Helps advisors avoid the wash- sale rule by proposing highly- correlated replacements when harvesting losses, and reminding them to repurchase the originals

Saves advisors time with a one- click solution to export tax- optimized trade files for all clients.

Supervisor Dashboard

OSJs and Banks can understand how each advisor is performing and ensure that they are operating within regulatory compliance.
Revenue section tracks advisors’ revenues, account type & size breakdown, total AUM, and more.
Performance section examines growth rates, value-at-risk, and even Sharpe ratio for each advisor.
Compliance section monitors risk alignment, risk assessment status, accounts with drift, and more.
Detailed, advisor-by-advisor view and downloadable reports allows easy data sharing and record keeping

Start using the platform built by advisors, for advisors

  • Risk assessment
  • Portfolio diagnosis
  • Risk assessment
  • Portfolio diagnosis
  • Account aggregation (includes 100 clients)*
  • 24hr client portal
  • Performance reports
  • Risk assessment
  • Portfolio diagnosis
  • Account aggregation (includes 100 clients)*
  • 24hr client portal
  • Performance reports
  • Proposals
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Risk assessment
  • Portfolio diagnosis
  • Account aggregation (includes 100 clients)*
  • 24hr client portal
  • Performance reports
  • Proposals
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Rebalance with one button
  • Tax loss harvesting**
  • Stock ranking**

A $249 initial setup fee is charged to establish a direct feed with your custodian.

*Add clients for $0.99/client

**Upcoming features

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