Intuitive Portfolio Modeling

Build powerful models and apply them to hundreds of client accounts at once. Manage risks for hundreds of accounts with one click.


Active risk management algorithms

With built-in hedge fund level algorithms and extensive back-testing abilities, your clients' portfolios are in good hands.


Proactive Notifications

A dashboard with real-time alerts for any time client portfolios go off-track, you’ll always be one step ahead for your clients.


Effortless Reporting

Instantly summarize client accounts and take advantage of reporting automation to reduce time spent on manual analysis.


Bulk Rebalancing

Avoid human error and wasting time with data entry – download trade files for all your clients.


Simple Client Risk Profiling

Advisors can objectively assess client risk tolerance and demonstrate fiduciary compliance with regulators.


Easy Custodian Integration

No prospect is out of reach! Integrate with 20,000 banks and custodians. Advisors can see the client’s entire financial picture no matter who they bank with.